Fireworks 2017 in Liuyang

Liuyang is the biggest fireworks industry city in China, 90% fireworks were made in towns of different direction, in 2017, there are some changes happening.

Government are decreasing the factory number to low the risk of unstabilities in produtction, especially the small home working lines. officials ask the factories who do want to continue pay for the close of the factories who do not.

Some small factory prefer to close compared paying to others, since it is a large amonut money for them!

Fewer factories, longer delivery time!

And when summer comes, government stop the factories production. for example, in 2016, July, August, and first half of September.
It makes the company nervous when they can not finish orders as plan.
Support is valued from foreign customers all around the worls when we can not finish the order in time!



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